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TRADITION IS A TEMPLE explores New Orleans’ unique musical culture and the fragility of tradition in the modern world. This performance-based music documentary shares intimate discussions with various iconic contemporary New Orleans musicians, highlighting their history and upbringing, while demonstrating how a musical tradition has shaped their identity, community and learning environment for the youth of the crescent city.

Comprised of four years of interviews, remarkable cityscape cinematography, once in a lifetime studio performances, and beautiful live concert footage. The film is steeped in the energetic rhythms of New Orleans’ distinct style of jazz. That same style shines through the disasters and poverty, like a musical rebellion against circumstance.

This portrait of New Orleans music culture highlights the musician’s upbringing and shows how tradition shaped their identity and continues to inspire young people today.

Early supporters include our Kickstarter supporters, The University of New Orleans, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, The Allan Houston Legacy Foundation and The Idea Village.

This is an artist-owned production.